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Problem definition
For someone that creates a lot of recipes, there are no way of categorizing them that fit my need. I have problems finding recipes that I know I have created, and I get a lot of irrelevant recipes showing up when I try to find the right recipe to add for a given meal.

Story #1
As a user, I need to be able to assign my recipe to one or more of my custom meal groups, in order to easily find it next time.

(You don't want snacks showing up in your dinner meal group for instance)

Story #2
As a user, I want to be able to customize the category & tags that is available on a recipe or food, because the current list contains a lot of irrelevant categories and items.

(In addition to assign recipes to meal groups, I want to tag/categorize my recipes/foods as diary, fish, bird, red meat. And I want to hide all the default tag/categories because they just add clutter and are not useful)

Story #3
As a user, I want to be able to filter & sort on different meal groups, categories & tags, because that will help me find the recipe I'm looking for much easier, and will also present my meal options in a structured way. For instance, I know I have chicken in the fridge, then I want to see all my recipes that uses chicken as a base.

Story #4
As a user, I want to filter on calories when looking for a recipe, because I have xxx amount of calories left in my calorie goal, and I want to filter for my recipes that fits that calorie goal.

Most of Cronometers competitors, that I've tried, enables you to categorize recipes into meal groups. Fatsecret had this in their free version which I used most recently before Cronometer.

I want some feedback from the Cronometer team if any of the features above is in the backlog, and if not, if they want to put them in the backlog, and if so, how high they will prioritized.


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    Thanks for this great feedback! I'll review your suggestions with the team. We've got some ideas logged for organizing and categorizing your custom recipes. Filtering the food search based on diary group is a new idea that would be great for us to research, too.

    Karen Stark
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    @Karen_Cronometer It's been a few years, and this still isn't possible. Any idea when this would be implemented. I'd like to create tags so that it's easier to find certain recipes (e.g. high protein etc.).

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    Don't worry.... doesn't look like you can search by category or tag anyway.

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    Is this any closer to becoming a reality? My recipe list is starting to get unmanageable!

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