where can you set your calories consumed a day targe

all I want to do is set my calorie target per day to 1300. I just want to know how many more calories I have left in a day when I look in the daily summary. Where is "calories consumed" in the targets? seems like a simple thing - but I cannot find it anywhere...

I know that you can do much more complex things with exercise / basal metabolism / etc, but isn't there a "simple" option? just set calorie target for the day and know how much you have left (or over)?


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    Hi there!

    You can customize your energy target by going to: Settings > Targets > Macronutrient Targets.

    Set your macro targets using Fixed Values, then enter in the values you would like to use in the boxes below.

    In your diary, take a look at the Macronutrient Targets section:

    This will show how many calories you have eaten, your custom target and the % of your target achieved.

    Karen Stark
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