Changing macro targets daily


i change my macro targets daily. Which I am able to do by editing my targets at the top of my diary.

However, when I refer to previous days to see macros that I had on that specific day (which were different than my current day), the system seems to default all previous days to today’s current macros. Making it look like that I went over targets.

is there anyway for the macros I set each day in my diary to stay that way so I can look back and see accurate an history?

thank you!



  • Hi Tracey,

    This is a limitation in the software and something we would like to address. Thanks for your feedback!

    Karen Stark
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  • This is exactly what I came here to ask. I am doing a weight cut and using a macro cycling/tapering protocol. I like to be able to set my macros for a specific day and then input my food prior to that day so I can plan meals/grocery shopping. However, when you adjust macros now it is for the past, present, and future. Hard to plan and isnt useful when looking back at records or how well you did hitting your macros. Is there any sort of estimated timeline on implementation of this feature?

  • We don't have a timeline to share, though we are excited to be working on this project. I'll update this thread when we have something to show you.

    Karen Stark
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  • @Karen_Cronometer i see y’all have been considering this update for a few years now. any idea when you’ll make the app able to set new macro targets without resetting all previous targets?

    just like when you update a recipe, you can choose to apply retroactively or not, having this option with macro targets would be really great, so that we can adapt our goals without changing our history/record.

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    Yep! All new targets will be applied going forward only. You'll also have the ability to set a schedule for your macro targets going forward. You can also edit your targets on a single day without affecting macro targets you've used in the past or any future macro target templates you have scheduled for future days.

    We don't have a timeline to share with the public, but if you'd like a peek when it's available you can join our group of beta-testers:

    Karen Stark
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    We have just released a brand-new scheduling feature! It is currently only available through our website (, as the mobile update rolls out. It will be available on mobile for all users very soon!

    You can set a schedule for your macronutrient targets by following these steps:

    1. Go to the Settings tab > Target Scheduler sub-tab
    2. Click on + New Target Template to create a template
    3. Apply the new template to the desired weekday below.

    Check out our user manual for more details on the Target Scheduler.

    Karen Stark
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  • Hello,

    I am still having issues with this. I created a couple of templates to apply to past days where my macros were different. However, the templates are only able to be applied to certain days of the week (Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.). I do not see the purpose in this, as I am not sure of a diet where per the day of the week your diet changes. When weight loss occurs though, I do change my macros. This makes me go over my macros on past dates where I had a higher allowance.

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