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I use Water Minder to log my water and I see it appear in Apple Health but Cronometer does not pull this information. I also use AutoSleep to track my sleep which syncs to Apple Health.

I think it would be really nice if Water and Sleep Data was imported from Apple Health so my numbers would be a bit more accurate.

I am really enjoying the app and look forward to using it everyday. I would really love to see these few data points added.


  • Hi @DudeBuda,
    We do not currently import water data from Apple Health. However, you can track water the same way as adding a food to your diary. For example, add Tap Water to your food diary. Then scroll to your nutrient targets and you will see the target bar for water begin to fill up.
    You can also add Sleep as a Biometric in your Diary.
    Thanks for the suggestion to add these from Apple Health! It would definitely be more convenient for many users! Look for updates in the future!

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  • I would also like Cronometer to import water because I use a smart water bottle that auto tracks my water intake and I would like to have that water data plus the water data from the food that I eat.

  • Any update on these features? Any chance sleep and water will be able to be imported from apple health soon?

  • I also would like this feature! There are many apps that record this information much more easily than Cronometer does - why not use it?

    Water is particularly a pain - most of us drink it many times a day and it requires multiple taps to enter it each and every time.

  • @sweetramona Cronometer does not import any nutrient information from Apple Health. This is a significant project that the team has not be able to tackle yet. Your feedback helps us prioritize our future project.


    Karen Stark
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