Get Water and Sleep Data from Apple Health

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I use Water Minder to log my water and I see it appear in Apple Health but Cronometer does not pull this information. I also use AutoSleep to track my sleep which syncs to Apple Health.

I think it would be really nice if Water and Sleep Data was imported from Apple Health so my numbers would be a bit more accurate.

I am really enjoying the app and look forward to using it everyday. I would really love to see these few data points added.


  • Hi @DudeBuda,
    We do not currently import water data from Apple Health. However, you can track water the same way as adding a food to your diary. For example, add Tap Water to your food diary. Then scroll to your nutrient targets and you will see the target bar for water begin to fill up.
    You can also add Sleep as a Biometric in your Diary.
    Thanks for the suggestion to add these from Apple Health! It would definitely be more convenient for many users! Look for updates in the future!

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  • I would also like Cronometer to import water because I use a smart water bottle that auto tracks my water intake and I would like to have that water data plus the water data from the food that I eat.

  • Any update on these features? Any chance sleep and water will be able to be imported from apple health soon?

  • I also would like this feature! There are many apps that record this information much more easily than Cronometer does - why not use it?

    Water is particularly a pain - most of us drink it many times a day and it requires multiple taps to enter it each and every time.

  • @sweetramona Cronometer does not import any nutrient information from Apple Health. This is a significant project that the team has not be able to tackle yet. Your feedback helps us prioritize our future project.


    Karen Stark
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  • I agree! Please prioritize full compatibility of Cronometer with Apple 🍏 Health thanks!

  • Yes, this! Would love to see this implemented. Tracking food daily is already tedious enough (in any app), but manageable enough for me to be able to enter it all in most days. Having to add sleep and water data (that is already being tracked in Apple Health) is too much of a chore for me to consistently keep up with on a daily basis. It's the reason I finally dropped $80 on a water bottle and paid for an automatic sleep tracking app lol.

    Tracking water manually is SUCH a tedious process to keep up with on a daily basis. I tried WaterMinder, but was only able to stick with it for a couple of weeks before I eventually ended up ignoring the alerts and reminders. Eventually pulled the trigger on a water tracking bottle and it has been a game-changer for finally staying consistently hydrated and knowing when I'm coming up short.

    These kinds of things are especially crucial for those of us that are going through bouts of depression where tracking these data points are super important, but we just don't care enough or have the motivation most days to consistently enter this info in manually, which makes it totally useless to use for charting over time.

    All that said though, I love the app and the insights I've been able to gather so far and am looking forward to future updates. I appreciate that these integrations must be complex problems to implement, so I am patiently waiting to see them in a (hopefully) near-future update.

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    @Hilary any update on this? Certainly would be nice to have water included.

    I'm on the fence about non-nutritional entries because I'd rather an app did one thing and did it well.

    On the other hand though it feels like we're very close to being able to tie everything together in Cronometer already and would save a separate subscription to something like Heads Up Heath.

    OK, thought about this and if Cronometer could incorporate non-nutritional biometrics and up the reporting, maybe the UI a bit, to something similar or even better than HUH, that would be ideal.

    There's too much overlap to warrant two separate apps. Would be much more convenient for users to have these features consolidated into a single app.

  • Any Update in Importing Apple Health Data for Sleep? Would love to have Cronometer Reports for my Sleep Duration each day.

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    I thought I would check again. Any update on importing Apple Health Data for sleep? I would think this would be a fairly easy integration.

  • I agree! This would be very helpful. What about a possible integration with either Waterminder... or since Waterminder syncs with Apple Health, grab the metrics from there.

  • Please sync water from apple. I use an automated hydration tracker and it would bee too tedious to have to log my drinks all day long. It already goes into apple health so syncing out of there should be easy

  • Sleep data is already in Apple Health and you have a biometric for it, so why can't Cronometer just pull the data from Apple Health like it does my weight?

  • Hi all! We're currently working on importing sleep data from Apple Health and should be released fairly soon. Stay tuned!

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