Things that would motivate me to join Gold

  • The ability to search my diary for foods I’ve eaten in the past
  • The ability to transfer selected diary entries from one day to another day without having to copy and paste
  • On Ingredients grid on the Custom Recipe screen, having a column for net carbs
  • A family license plan for maybe $10/year more
  • Being able to view/copy my friend’s/family member’s diary entries
  • The ability to hide my weight value in my diary so others can’t see it. Maybe a hover-over to see it when hidden.


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    Thanks for your feedback. I've logged them to discuss with the team.

    What is a way you could see yourself transferring diary items from one day to another without copying and pasting? Are you looking for a single action, like "copy to today" or something different?

    Thanks for you input :)

    Karen Stark
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    edited June 2021

    Hi Karen,

    I log my diary a week ahead, but sometimes things change and I'd like to move let's say all of today's diary entries to this coming Saturday. If there was a menu option like "Transfer to another day" (or something like that) which then produced a calendar so I could choose the day to transfer to, that would be great. It would also be nice for the ability to transfer only selected items rather than the whole day.

    Being able to search my diary for all the times I had a certain food would rock, too.

    Thanks for considering my suggestions.

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    edited June 2021

    Would a cut & paste (rather than just copy & paste) option work for the example you describe? I have often found myself wishing there was a cut as well as a copy function, for similar reasons to you (sometimes I plan to eat something on one day but things change and I need to move it all another day).

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    And yes to the searchable diary suggestion! I'd *really* love to see that feature.

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    @Sqsh A cut and paste would be a step closer, but I just prefer to select the date to move it to.

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