Trans Fats in Linseeds (Flaxseeds)

I see from a previous question that there are trace amounts of trans fats in chia seeds. I get a reading of trans fats from linseeds - is this correct? and that I don't need to worry about them as it is a natural (non-hydrogenated) product. Ditto with Garlic - I was surprised, but if it is natural and not fried, then I don't need to be concerned. (I was advised by a surgeon to avoid trans fats, but they seem to be everywhere, even in frozen vegetables!).

Best Answer

  • Small amounts are found in foods without frying or hydrogenation. The recommendation is to keep trans fats 'as low as possible' for the reason that zero is not a practical level to achieve.

    And as you point out, research suggests that naturally-occurring trans fats in the quantities they appear in foods don't seem to have the same negative effects of higher levels of industrially-produced trans fats - those are the ones you want to limit.

    Karen Stark
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