Petition for Cronometer to add a food cost feature.

Embedding this feature when creating custom foods and recipes would allow us to keep track of how much we’re spending in our overall diet. I assume many others would like this feature, and I would appreciate it if Cronometer looks into it.

Below illustrates what this feature would entail

Suppose I buy a Jar of Chili sauce that’s 400 grams and costs 3 dollars. I can add in that cost as “3 dollars” for a serving size of “400 grams” (like I would for kcal). So if I happen to use 50 grams of that sauce in my recipe, it’ll automatically calculate the cost of that entry as “0.375 dollars” (similar to how it would automatically calculate the kcal that 50 grams would contain).

The costs of all the entries within a recipe would add up and culminate in the total cost of that recipe (which would be shown in its summary, alongside the macros and micros summary).

The costs of all the custom foods and recipes in your diary entries would also add up and culminate in the total daily cost of your diet.


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