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For any SP users out there who are wondering about Cronometer; it is a good place to track everything about your health. I have used both. I'm sorry to know that Spark People is closing its present platform.
But Cronometer is a wonderful alternative, so come on over -
especially if you don't care to do everything from your fone. :)
Thanks 4 listening.


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    I used Sparkpeople for years... loved most things about it. This is as close to SP as it gets.

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    I’m a Canadian ex-Spark myself. I finally figured it out and lost 65 lbs. I am using Cronometer for my food tracking and am easily using my strategies to get back to my goal weight after a terrible summer of not tracking and not walking (due to poor air quality). I do miss my “friends” connection, which I see another app does include. Am I missing how to do that here?

    🇨🇦 Dee in BC

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