Reconciling Ketonix with BHB blood levels

From time to time after using my Ketonix 2, magic breath thingy,
I will do a BHB blood test in an attempt to come up with a rough correlation
between the 2 measurements.

I have been led to believe that the Acetone levels that the Ketonix measures rise and fall with
BHB blood levels. Experience has show me otherwise. A few times with high acetone my BHB has been 0.3 mmo/L.

There is also the question about scales. The Ketonix at 11.4 ppm of acetone, flashes 4 times, and indicates that I am well into nutritional ketosis. When I ran my blood BHB it registered 0.3 mmo/L which by definition is out of nutritional ketosis.

Then there is the 3rd factor. Do they rise and fall in the same time frame? Does one lead the other...

I could come up with more, but I am trying to keep it simple. Occam's razor is a good thing to keep in mind with complex systems like this or one might drive themselves crazy. :smile:

Any thoughts as to the physiology that is going on? I am just learning like the rest of us.


Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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