Import Recipes Automatically

Do you cook a lot? We do. Most of our meals are home made. Which is great, UNLESS you are trying to track for diet in Cronometer.

Oh, sure. In a perfect world I would be sitting down each week and adding each recipe I plan to make into a new custom recipe. But this is tedious. Looking up each ingredient. Each time having to compare database entry options for the best match with the most nutrients. For something simple if I’m not overthinking it, it’s 10 minutes. But 20 or more minutes is not uncommon if I’m making something with like 20 ingredients and I’m actually including things like spices. I love Indian food, but the spice list of a good curry is a big time suck when adding things into Cronometer. Sure, I could just omit those. They aren’t caloric and probably don’t make a huge difference for macros. But, what if the whole reason you love Cronometer is because it can track those micronutrients? And spices have tons of micronutrients. Or at least have the potential to be significant.

So why not automate this? Give me a recipe builder that lets me paste in the ingredients list into one big text box then parses that and spits out the best matches allowing me to modify or optimize as needed. This would be a huge time saver. If you wanted to get really fancy, let me give you the URL of the recipe and Cronometer can go grab the HTML, scrape the ingredients list from the output, and take even that part away. Many recipe apps do this already, maybe partner with one of them, like Real Plans?

Honestly, guys. The saddest irony for me with Cronometer is that tracking my food would be so much easier if my diet was mostly things with barcodes made by Nabisco or some other food giant so they are usually in one of the databases. But if you cook your own food, tracking is a major chore. A feature like this would drastically reduce the amount of effort for folks like me!

Who agrees? Let’s get some +1’s!!!


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