Foods to Lower Blood Pressure

Hi I'm a newbie. I know about bananas. Anybody have some tips on how to find more potassium rich foods?


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    You can search for foods with particular criteria in the application’s Oracle feature. List the nutrient for which you want search, and Oracle will give you a sorted list of foods - you can specify the filter and the sort criteria.


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    How is Oracle accessed?

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    See link in my comment, though I just realized that the feature is for gold subscribers.

    Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

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    Found it, Thanks

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    Do not eat bananas in an attempt to lower your blood pressure. That would be counter-productive, as it's likely that insulin is a factor the blood pressure, and the sugar in the banana will cause a rise in insulin.

    My blood pressure has gone back to what it was in my 20s no I have given up sugar and starch.

    Avocado is a low sugar fruit, with plenty of potassium.

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    I usually eat potatoes for potassium as well as bananas.

    A friend who has high blood pressure was told to cut down on salt.

    I watched a Dr Oz clip where he had a hard-core carnivore to go plant-base for a week and the result was a big drop in blood pressure.

    Exercise like Tai Chi could help.

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    If you live in Canada, our food labels have now been updated to show %DV for potassium. This will be helpful in helping guide choices towards those higher in potassium.

    But in general, the more plant foods you include, the higher your potassium will be. The oracle is a FANTASTIC tool for helping to select foods highest in potassium that align with your particular diet.

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    Thanks for your input. I am in the USA. I've been doing better with potassium this week.

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    Do you take a blood pressure med?

    Some categories of some blood pressure medications affect electrolytes and minerals. ACE inhibitors for example might take potassium supplementation (or table salt substitutes based on potassium chloride) and create a different problem.

    Just check in with a doctor or pharmacist. Even though turning to food is safer than the mega doses from the supplement aisle. (Though do consider a potassium salt for seasoning effectively a supplement in this scenario.)

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    Thanks. I have a doctor who is a former pharmacist. Considering my meds as a senior I will probably stick with the Dash type seasoning that the cardio dept. recommends. Fruits and veggies help.

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    Excellent! You're sensible and solid.

    I have good luck with soy products, fish, chicken, leafy greens, most legumes, and broccoli. And potatoes. These are all things I eat a normal serving of or have an affinity for -- broccoli and spinach are particular go tos. Cauliflower and cabbage do okay.

    You're not locked into carbohydrates if you're looking for dietary sources of potassium.

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    Good ideas!

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