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I am looking to friend some vegan women cronometer individuals in the hopes of swapping healthy vegan recipes. I just joined and don't know anyone else on cronometer let alone that they are also vegan. Is there anyone who is vegan who would like to share their recipes as I am trying to balance my nutrients and stay within 1400 calories.


  • Some of my fave vegetarian and vegan foods are India/Punjabi curries, I buy ready meals in a boxed pouch (from India and all natural). Dal Tadka, Dal Makhani, Channa Masala try a few then look up recipes on youtube or pages

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  • I'm vegan (30 years now!). I follow the McDougall plan ( -- it's free!) and get most of my recipes either there or from Forks Over Knives ( I eat very simply--lots of salad, simple soups, simple one-bowl meals. The Cronometer has been very helpful to me in seeing some places that were higher calorie than I realized. Despite not using any added fat (no oil, fake butters, etc.), my weight went up during COVID because I caved and got some vegan junk foods (Daiya pizza, Clif bars, vegan ice cream). Tracking my food on the Cronometer helps me to see that, alas, I don't need many calories to maintain weight at where I want to be (125--I have lost 15 pounds towards that goal and have 10 to go), so I concentrate on foods that are nutrient dense but not calorie dense (veggies, veggies, veggies!). It also keeps me honest as far as portions go. I can still eat pasta, but I have to be realistic about portion sizes with that!

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    Hello. You could go ahead and shoot me an add. I've been vegan for 5yrs and was pescatarian for 4yrs prior. I have moved here from MyFitnessPal to better track my micros.

    I am currently eating at maintance calories though. I might go back to a deficit once I get doctor approval.

  • I just started Cronometer. I've been Vegan off and on since 2005. I had bad blood test results and I heard of Mastering Diabetes book. I started watching their videos on YouTube. So I thought that I should track my iron which was low. Then I saw that I wasn't get much calcium. I started eating Grape-nuts, and bought fortified Almond milk. I wish there were vegan options here on cronometer. I have figured out I wasn't drinking enough water. My blood sugar was high too. I am assuming that if I am eating to lose weight that it will take care of it going high. I'm trying to stay under 100% of daily carbs just in case I'm insulin resistant until I lose all the weight. It was my first Halloween not eating candy. Good Luck to you reaching your goals on Cronometer.

  • Hi VeeJay,

    What type of vegan options are you looking for on Cronometer? Might be something we could do! :)

    Karen Stark
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  • The iron has different calculations for meat eaters and it says that vegans absorb 10%.I don't know if other calculations are for meat eaters.

    The app could give us only vegan options for recipes.

    Mastering Diabetes recommends your APP. You could have a selection for people doing their diet.

  • Thanks for your feedback :)

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  • Hi plant strong friends. I just got this in Costco Ottawa and believe it contains no whay or milk products...I am a bit confused because online the manufacturer says it contains milk on its online label. Hmmmm. I mostly eat steel cut oats for breakfast but thought this would be good for the odd post run meal. But I am skeptical with the conflicting labels. I will call POST cereal and ask about the conflicting info and report back.

  • I confirmed with Post cereal that the current label is correct and the online is not. They have removed all milk from the cereal.

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