Vitamine D3 daily value

I have bought Vitamine D3 75 µg tablet.
Chronometer uses IU, so I converted to that. Giving 3000 IU.

According to Chronometer that's 750% of the DV.
Printed in red so a 'dangerous' level.

Elsewhere I found that 1,000 IU (25 mcg) a day is a good target for people who don't get enough sunlight. If 3000 IU would be 300% instead of 750% of the recommended daily intake.

Maybe the problem is that Chronometer only allows D as an input and vitamine D is a group name for D2 and D3?

Something must be wrong with those numbers.
I can't imagine supplements that are 300-750% of the daily value are sold.
But OTOH I don't believe all sources that state the daily value is much lower is wrong.

I could just enter what's on the jar and assume it's safe (which I think it is).
Or just don't put it in my dairy because of the conflicting numbers.
But in both cases all the info Chronometer displays about D3 is very wrong.

Tips to solve this would be very welkom!


  • Hi Krav,

    The default target for vitamin D come from the Dietary Reference Intakes published by the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. They are for total vitamin D, rather than specific types.

    The recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 15 micrograms (600 IU) for most healthy adults ( and the tolerable upper intake level for vitamin D is 1000 micrograms (or 4000 IU) per day. (

    When you ereach your daily target in Cronometer the target bar turns green:

    When the target bar turns red, this indicates that you've gone over the Max Threshold in Cronometer.

    If these targets don't work for you, that's no problem - you can customize each nutrient target by clicking on them in the diary page:
    Click the toggle to use custom values, then enter in the values you'd like to use above.

    You can also edit your targets by going to: Settings > Profile + Targets > Nutrient Targets.

    I hope that helps you set the targets you need :)

    Karen Stark
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    Thanks for your very detailed answer Karen!
    Unfortunately it raises another question. Why are my values so different from yours?
    Are the values age or weight related>

    It looks like we are entering data in a different screen. But that shouldn't make a diffrence.

    (using the web version of Chronometer)

  • The default nutrient targets depend on your age and sex. If you click the vitamin D target. It looks like your targets above are both set to 400 IU? Click on the vitamin D target to check, or go to: Settings > Profile + Targets > Nutrient Targets. Click the vitamin tab, then check out the targets for vitamin D

    Karen Stark
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    They are at 600 and 4000.
    1000/600=1.6=160% which is close of your 167% value.
    My 250% is indeed based on 400 as you wrote, but I can't find that number/setting.
    Just to be extra sure I used "Reset Defaults' but that makes no difference.

    I see no sliders but this:

  • Ooops, sounds like something is off there. Hmm. What screen were you viewing those original vitamin D targets in pink?

    What browser are you using? Are there any updates available? If you scroll down to the bottom of the screen and point your mouse at the copyright link, what number do you see there?


    Karen Stark
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    Entering a new food.
    Foods => Custom Food => + Add Food => Category and tags: Supplements.
    Label set to European.

    Think I found something Karen...
    Entering 1000 IU every time. The labels give:
    American 250%
    American 2016 125%
    European 500%
    Australia/NZ blank
    Canadian 125%

    So various continents have vastly different opinions on what's best. Or a buggie crept in. I think it's a bug because when I use the vitamin in my diary it's 167%. Exactly what you have.
    By the looks of it the Diary doesn't take the labels into account in any way. Every label attached to food yield 167%. Because Australia has no recommend value it's impossible to calculate a percentage in the Diary. I think labels aren't of much use if the program totally ignores the daily values that are part of each label (yes I know I can reconfigure in the Diary)

    As a final note: Our age and sex is different, so if that's used for suggestions it's unlikely we both end up with 167%....

    Using Chrome. Updated it today.
    Copyright © 2011-2021, All Rights Reserved

  • That explains it! The percentages shown in the Foods tab are based on the % Daily Values for the label type you have selected.

    These are not the same as your individualized targets shown in your Diary. Your targets are based on your age, sex, etc., but the recommendations for vitamin D don't vary much (check out the links I posted above to the dietary guidelines)

    Karen Stark
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  • Understood. But still the percentages on the labels vary greatly. 500 vs 125%.

    Do the recommendation between continents really vary that much? I doubt it especially because 75mcg pills are sold and according to the label on the jar that's not an extrem percentage.

  • The percentages on the labels do vary, especially for a nutrient like vitamin D where there is a non-dietary source that is much more accessible for some populations than others.

    Karen Stark
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  • Sure, I do understand there are different opinions on what's best and for that reason labels differ. Pre-Covid I visited the USA frequently half of the Powerade is not available in Europe because its coloring E is classified as toxic in Europe.
    America and America 2016 shows a huge change too. So advancing science changes things. And obvious that's a good thing. But I would expect Europe and USA would be more in sync.

    I'm going to end this chat because it's not really something I'm concerned about. But I want to say one last thing.

    I understand that labels are good scientific averages for a whole population.
    I also understand that cronometer calculates more personal values.
    It's my guess that cronometers calculations are based on American science.
    Obviously I have no clue how cronometer works below the surface but I'll give a simple example. Cronometer determines that my personal ideal value is 13% below what's on the label. Or cronometer uses data from American studies.
    That's fine for those who use American labels.

    But now assume I believe European dietary science is far superior to American science. What cronometer seems to do now is show European standards when calculating percentages in the label screen. But at the very core of the program, the Diary screen it uses American standards. So it's my view the program should use different standards everywhere in the program or nowhere.

    Yes I'm aware I can set sliders. But personally I never touch them because I simply haven't the background to change values in a scientific ways. I only would change a value on doctor's advice.

    Anyway, many thanks for the chat Karen. It's far superior from the standard pre-cooked answers other helpdesks give for their products....

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