Foods/My Recipes/Edit Recipe/ X (Delete) Problem

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I was able to tap X to delete foods from one recipe but after saving the changes for that recipe and opening a different recipe tapping X no longer deleted the food unless I closed then reopened Cronometer.


  • Hi Deno,

    Are you using Cronometer on the website or the mobile app? Does this happen each time you edit recipes?


    Karen Stark
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  • I am using the mobile app.

    I just finished experimenting with some recipes and discovered that this happens each time I edit recipes and the basic issue is this. I don’t always get the same response when I tap the X to delete a food from a recipe. Sometimes the food is deleted and sometimes the edit window for that food opens depending on my previous action.

    I suppose the problem is basically with me not understanding how to navigate to the mode I need (delete or edit). One button, two options.

    Maybe tapping the food entry should open the edit window and the edit window would include a delete button.

  • By design, when you tap the food, the item opens to make edits, while tapping the X will delete the item.

    It sounds like maybe the X button is not quite big enough to hit it every time. Sometimes ​you're able to tap the X to delete and other times the food is selected instead, does that sound right?

    Karen Stark
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • 👍🏼Thanks You nailed it! That is the problem.

    I'm surprised by how precise the tap must be. Nevertheless I can work with it now that I know how it is supposed to work.

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