sweet potato, baked - is this without skin? each food name should tell if its with or without skin

ur definitions are unclear.
fruits like apple and mandarin are with skin and bananas and oranges are without skin.
so what about potatos and sweet potatos?
each food should tell if its with or without skin

here my shitty beginner pseudocode: python?

check if food item has not the word skin or peel in it.
if upper is true, check the food name with the database of foods which have edible skin/peel.
now add "with skin" after the foods name.

i mean for me the plementaion looks easy. you are using web stuff so u should be able to easily automate the process of adding "with skin" or "without skin"

u cant expect your customers to google every time if a food is with or without skin.
a sweet potatoe with and without skin - 3.3 vs 2.5g fiber.


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