What is a Cronometer "Plain" Salad

Does anyone know how Cronometer defines a tossed salad, "plain"? Of all the other choices, every one has either avocado, meat, cheese, or egg, none of which I'm eating. The "plain" salad, when I enter the weight of 18 oz. only assigns 71 calories, which seems too low. My salads are all veggie: romaine, tomato, carrot, sweet pepper, cucumber, celery, mushrooms, and onions. Is it really possible that THAT much weight only accounts for 71 calories. I suppose I should measure each item so that it adds up to 18 oz. and then create my own "recipe" so that Cronometer can give me the caloric value of each which I can then total. Thoughts.

Thanks from a recovering chubster!! :D


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