How to I get nutritional info for Lion's Mane Mushrooms (not supplements) into my diary?

We're planning on making vegan 'crab' cakes, with Lion's Mane Mushroom as the substitute for crab, but I need the nutritional data on how many calories, sodium, protein, fiber, potassium, phosphorus and so on is in a serving. But when trying to find the info in Cronometer, the suggestions seem to be powders and supplements, instead of the actual Lion's Mane Mushroom for eating. Googling the closest I get to such information are these two websites: https://cascadiamushrooms.com/blogs/cm/the-lion-s-mane-mushroom-nutrition-profile-and-other-benefits and http://www.eattheweeds.com/lions-mane/ but I need Cronometer to actually have it in the system for repeated use. Can Cronometer please provide that information so I can have it in my diary?

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