[Need Help] I’ve been unable to edit the “Max Threshold” for my Macros ever since the “Target Schedu

I don’t even have the “Target Scheduler” enabled in my settings, but ever since it’s been introduced, I’ve been unable to edit the Max Threshold for my Marcos. I used to able to do so either directly from the “Macronutrient Breakdown” on the front page or via the “Nutrient Targets” in the settings, now I can’t do either.

I’m trying to remove the “Max threshold for my protein intake by having it set to “None”, but it won’t let me and it’s frustrating.

The denial message the app used to give me was something to do with the Target Scheduler but I don’t remember exactly. So I tried tinkering with it by adding and then deleting a template (called “Everyday”) in my Target Scheduler; now the denial message that it gives me is “This Target is currently by your Macronutrient Settings template Everyday” even though I currently have the Target Scheduler disabled in the settings, so why gives?


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    Hi there,

    We're investigating why you're not able to remove the max threshold value for your macro targets and hope to have that fixed soon!

    Karen Stark
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    Hi Karen, is there any update regarding this glitch?

    Anytime I attempt to edit the "Max Threshold" of a Macro, I get the following message: "You have varied Macronutrient Targets set via the Target Schedule. Edit your default Macronutrient Targets via the Macronutrient Settings page or the Template Targets via the Target Scheduler."

    But the thing is, I don't even have the "Target Scheduler" enabled and the Macronutrient Settings page doesn't give me the option to edit my "Max Threshold".

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    I don't know if anyone ever followed up on this, but it's still happening to me. I have disabled Target Scheduler, and I have Fixed Values set for all my macros under Macronutrient Settings. In the app, when I go to Target > Nutrient Targets > Protein, I have "custom" enabled for protein values. But when I try to click on either Daily Target or Max Threshold for protein, I get the same message: "You have varied Macronutrient Targets set via the Target Scheduler. Edit your default Macronutrient Targets via the Macronutrient Settings page or Template Targets via the Target Scheduler."

    Leaving aside that the first statement is incorrect in my case, I understand what the second sentence is saying. It's saying that I already set my goal for protein in the Macronutrient Settings section, and that section supersedes the Nutrient Targets section for macros. Sure. Fine. You need to pick a value, otherwise they would contradict each other.

    But the problem is, as the person above pointed out, the Macro Settings section only allows a single value to be entered for each macro. As a result, when I surpass my Daily Target value, it displays in red on my diary, as if I've gone over my Max Threshold:

    In other words, with the current settings options, the minimum and maximum values for macros are forced to be identical.

    Assuming that this isn't just a bug, there are two ways to solve this: either

    (a) allow us to enter a min and max in the Macro Settings; or
    (b) tether the Daily Target value to the value derived from the Macro Settings and allow us to freely edit the Max Threshold (or leave it blank, in which case the diary should interpret values above the target as universally good and fill the bars in green once the threshold is passed).

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