FitBit/Cronometer Calorie Burn Integration

I use Cronometer to track calorie intake compared to FitBit calories burned. There seems to be a double count of BMR and I don’t know how to get around it. I’m also not sure that FitBit isn’t double counting my exercise and activity time. The minutes and/or calories burned are suspiciously close. An example of my concern is that currently 6:00 pm, FitBit shows 1685 calories burned. Cronometer says per FitBit I have burned 432 calories of 126 minute activity time and 433 calories of 74.3 walking time. Cronometer’s total burn for me right now is 2000 calories burned. Cronometer uses 1112 as my BMR. I don’t know how much FitBit calculates but believe there is a duplication of BMR. Does anyone one else have this issue and if so what can be done to get to a more accurate calorie burn number?


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