How do I quickly add the same supplements each day?

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Hi! I'm a new Cronometer user with a Gold subscription using the website, so I think I have access to all features.

I take a few different supplements each day (a multi-vitamin, omega-3, B12, D3[1]) and so each day I click "Add Food" for each of my supplements. The process takes a couple of minutes, so it isn't too painful, but I am wondering if there's a better way?

The best solution I've come up with is to pick an arbitrary day from before I was using Cronometer (eg: January 1st) and add just my supplements there so I can use the "Copy to Today" feature. I considered some other approaches but couldn't find a way to do them:

  • Copy just one group from yesterday ("Supplements") to Today
  • Create a "default" set of diary entries for a day

I searched around the forum and saw a mention of "recipes" but when I look at recipes they do not appear to be groups of Custom Foods, rather they're aggregate nutritional information, whereas I'd like to ensure I'm accurately tracking which individual supplements I've taken each day.


[1] Example of what I add each day


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