Set threshold without target

I'd like to limit my caffeine intake, so I've set a Maximum Threshold. However, unless I also set a target that is non-zero, cronometer will not mark the caffeine amount as read if I go over the threshold. Alas, setting a target as well is counter productive, because now I get either a yellow color (if the target is set close to the threshold) or a green with 1000% (if the target is, say, 1mg).
Is this a bug or is it by design that target and threshold do not work independently?


  • That's the way it was designed. If there is no Daily Target entered, would you expect the target to be calculated out of your Maximum Threshold instead?

    Karen Stark
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  • No, I simply want to be able to set a threshold, as I don't care about reaching a minimum. Say I don't drink coffee at all for a given day, then the field stays grey, or respectively shows the amount I took in (but still grey, because it's neither "yellow" or "green"). If I take in too much coffein (according to the max threshold) then the field displays red.

    By forcing me to also set an artificial daily target I'm encouraged to drink at least that much coffee (or alcohol, or whatever), and that doesn't make sense to me.

  • Any progress on this?

    I am experiencing the same issue and agree with jhwist (100x).

    When Max Threshold is set, and Daily Target is not, the desired functionality could be to:

    • have the bar turn red when the Max Threshold is exceeded (and set the % of daily value on the far right to something like: "-- %" or "n/a %")
    • remain gray otherwise.

    Like jhwist, as it stands currently, I have to set an arbitrary Daily Target to get the "red bar" warning, but it creates confusion since I don't really want the Daily Target or the effects that come from it (e.g., green bar, white bar, % of daily target value).

    Would love to see this addressed, as it applies to quite a few nutrients (e.g., Cholesterol, Sat. Fat, Trans Fat, Caffeine, Sodium, etc.)


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