Is eating 3+ boiled eggs per day bad or OK?

Boiled eggs, eaten whole.

This doesn't include other eggs that also may be eaten in the day, which might be cooked differently (Scrambled, poached, sunny-side, etc.) or added to baked recipes.

How many is too many eggs per day?


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    I see a nutritionist who wants me to increase my body fat percentage. One of her recommendations is to eat 4 eggs for breakfast. She didn't seem concerned at all about me eating lots of eggs. This advice may change depending on your body type/weight goals. Anecdotally I worked with an Afghani man who would eat 6-8 hard boiled eggs per day. He was very fit and healthy, though I wouldn't have wanted to share a bedroom.

    If you are able to see a nutritionist they would be much better equipped to answer questions like this. Every body is different and everyone has different goals/needs.

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    That makes a lot of sense. Great insight. I guess my question doesn't really make sense when asking about the general population. Cheers, Funkrat.

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    Hahaha! Love it!

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    As a dietitian, my answer depends on a person's genetic predisposition. In some individuals, frequent egg consumption likely does contribute to higher cholesterol (but the overall diet context matters). Generally speaking, reducing egg yolk consumption will likely yield a reduced LDL cholesterol in most but the size of the effect is very individual and is dependent upon what else someone is eating.

    If you really want to know, I'd simply compare your lipid stats before/after increasing egg intake.

    Kind regards,

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    Some dietary factions urge you to avoid eggs while others insist that eggs are a superfood.

    If you're not sure what to believe, you can hedge your bets by compromising. You could eat one egg per day or one egg every few days. If eating eggs is bad for your health, you limit the damage. If eggs really are a superfood with nutrients that no other food has, you don't miss out.

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    I eat an entire soft boiled egg every day, and I mean the entire egg shell included. The shell is full of bioavailable calcium and same the membrane for collagen. I believe the common consensus now is that dietary cholesterol (ie. eggs) is not a factor for your overall cholesterol levels to be concerned about. But I defer to Susan who knows her stuff.

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