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hello, I am looking to lose weight and was advised that if I do 100 grams of protein and 100 grams of carbs each day I would lose weight. Has anyone else heard this?


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    Any calorie reduction can technically lead to weight loss. This blog might help answer some questions for you.


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    My current macros are 115 protein, <100 g carb, <50g fat. Seems to be working quite well.

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    I never cared about the macros. I made sure that I 'underachieved' my daily calorie budget every day by about 500 cals, and I lost weight. I did intermittent fasting concurrently, as there is only so much you can eat with a small time window (I chose 12pm - 6pm).

    In fact, I lost 12kg in 8 weeks. It's really not that hard if you focus on eating a deficit of calories every day, along with intermittent fasting to achieve fast results. I ate a ton of salad (without oil-based dressings), which gave me vital minerals.

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    @squodge Yes, calories count and without the deficit we don't lose weight. Macros do count also for your health. For me, every meal is nutrient dense...lots of whole unprocessed food filled with nutrition but I also maintain a deficit daily until I'm at goal weight. I IF also and one large salad a day is how I break my fast but it always includes a protein...usually beans or quinoa or tofu. Like you, I also choose oil-free dressing. My well being and energy levels are impacted by the food I choose. I am now aiming for 40 (protein)/30/30. Yes, you are right...it is all about the deficit for weight loss but health is my priority so I do pay attention to quality food and macros. Congratulations on your weight loss, sounds like you are making good choices.

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