Not sure where to post this question on how to "not track"

I am sure there are others here, that likely would not have succeeded without "tracking".
I don't think I could have succeeded as well as I did without tracking. But now that I am in maintenance mode I have given up tracking for the most part. At least I am trying to, and pray that I succeed at doing so.

Not succeeding as well as I was in the past, if you use ketone levels as a measure of success. But I am maintaining my weight, for the 6 weeks that I have not been tracking. I was scary to tell you the truth. Throwing away my familiar security blanket that worked so well.

Now that I am at this point I would like to see a forum section on how to "not track" successfully yet to remain in ketosis most of the time if not all of the time. I have some great days and some really marginal days and would love to be taught some things on how to do it better.

After all you can't teach others things that you don't know how to do yourself, and I am right now challenged with teaching my 82 year old mother, who refuses to track, or to prick herself (how are the new bloodless glucose meters BTW? ) how to eat to stay in ketosis when I can't even do it myself consistently?

FYI I have resorted to experimenting with X-ketones, and would love to discuss that topic in a "non-tracking" context.

This might also keep some of us around that might just fade away because we are no longer tracking and have much less need for the tools here.

Thanks for your time folks...

Joe Tittiger
Seymour MO
joe ATT Tittiger DOTT com

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