How does protein calculaton work?

The protein calculation for me is somehow weird:

Several of the proteins show "No Target".
All proteins are at least 100% (apart from Lysine with 93%).
But the sum still is only 80%.
Does this come from the "No Target" proteins?
Or does the not 100% Lysine does the whole thing pull down?

This leads as a consequence to a low sum of protein. So how can this be solved then?

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    The 80% is the amount to your 84.5 gram GOAL, the other percentages are the amounts of NUTRIENTS in the protein you have eaten. They are exclusive of each other.

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    @CindiCee gave an excellent response. There are still questions about how much protein individuals need since various factors (such as age, muscle composition, activity, etc.) will influence our requirement.

    You can self-select a protein target by changing your macro distribution. However, the current requirement for protein is 0.8 g of protein per kg of healthy body weight.

    Amino acids are the building blocks of protein and the essential amino acids (i.e. the ones that our body can't make) have specific requirements. It's possible to not meet protein targets but meet amino acid requirements and vice versa (since these are independent, but related, targets).

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    This is similar to why I am here looking for answers. My daily recommendation of protein is telling me that I am half way there. YET all the individual protein things are telling me that my levels are like 10 THOUSAND time more than I need!
    I'm very confused.

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    Nevermind, I figured it out. The food data I used had the measurements in grams, not mg

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