Adjusting sandwich for no bread

How do I delete the bread amount from a Reuben Sandwich? And can this be done on my iPhone?


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    I'd suggest just entering the ingredients you did consume (i.e. meat, butter, etc.).

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    With the recent upgrades, Cronometer added the function of deleting a portion of a "food" such as bread deleted from a sandwich. It can be done on a desk top computer. My question was how can it be done on a mobile app?

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    you could add negative 2 slices of bread....

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    Exactly! Adding a negative was what I was trying to do on my iPhone, since I was able to do it on my desk top. Georgi, from Cronometer support, responded to my query with this super easy trick:
    If you are doing this from your phone, you may need to change your keyboard settings within the app so that the '-' appears when typing in a serving.

    This can be done by:

    Tap Settings (bottom right)
    Go to the subheading Display
    Tap Diary Settings
    Tap Keyboard Type
    Tap Full

    Once you have changed the Keyboard Type you are able to enter the minus sign!

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    ah! I didn't actually do the negative on my phone. It's an android and I can't do it. The app ignores the negative and I have no option to change keyboard type; I don't know if that's because it's android or I am not gold.

    Not worried, I don't log my food, so I don't need it.

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