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I am trying to understand the sodium-potassium ratio. I can never get the correct balance of sodium to potassium when looking at the gauges at the bottom of the page. For example, I have consumed 4948 mg of potassium today and only 1057 mg of sodium, and am still not balanced per the gauge. I have seen the ratio should be 1:3 or higher, one recommendation was 1:4. The amount I consumed is closer to a 1:5 ratio. What ratio is this community using and what source is this from. Just for note, I am a registered dietitian with my master's in clinical nutrition and am very conscious about an adequate potassium intake compared to sodium for heart health. Many thanks, Ann


  • I'm using the free version of Cronometer, so I don't see the sodium/potassium ratio.

    As far as your sodium and potassium consumption are concerned, your diet sounds healthy to me. Based on this, I don't think you need to change your diet. It sounds like you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables but virtually no junk foods or restaurant foods (many of which are sodium bombs).

  • @AnnHold I have been wondering the same thing! I have a hard time getting enough potassium & keeping the sodium low at the same time. I've set my sodium to 1400mg & potassium to 4700mg. I used the chart function to see the different curves and today was the first day they actually meet at the same place, but when I look at the gauges, they're still off. I don't understand the calculations either. Just out of curiosity, what do you eat to get 4948 mg of potassium? I had soybeans twice today and chickpeas in my kale salad with a tahini dressing. I don't eat meat anymore.

  • Thanks for the comments above. The only way I have found to get my potassium up enough is with a veggie juice like V8 but it is organic and low in sodium BUT also NoSalt salt substitute. It is amazing how tough it is to get enough K+ in and I would have never learned that I was so off without using an app like Cronometer. And you are right FerrisBueller86, never junk food or fast food but that hasn't been me for many, many years. Yumm to your kale, chickpeas, and tahini....Mmmmmm.

  • Great Idea @AnnHold! I'll stock up on V8 on my next grocery trip. We make a green smoothie every morning with Kale, frozen fruit, almond milk, a bit of orange juice, amla powder, pea protein powder, chia seeds & psyllium husk. It's filling & gives me most of the K+ I need!

  • @AnnHold

    Fellow RD here! I think we have to consider if the gauge is a validated tool or something intended for interest purposes. Personally, I tend to stick more to the individual intakes of these nutrients while measuring biomarkers, such as blood pressure.

    As an FYI, there was a previous discussion on this topic:

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