Garmin Sync

I set my activity level to zero and added Garmin.

i don’t see any activity syncing into Crono. What am I missing?

I’ve unlinked and relinked. Still don’t see anything.



  • I hate to ask the obvious, but what are your garmin settings in Crono? heres' a pic of mine-I have no issue with syncing.

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  • They're all selected.

  • It's working today, so not sure what the issue was.

  • It has been working flawlessly for me for >1 month but is not working at all for me today. Hopefully it sorts itself out tomorrow.

  • Mine synced 63 cals for activity early, did 300 more cals, but the 300 nor my exercise synced yet. I think Garmin pushes to Cronometer?

  • Normally once my activity posts to Garmin Connect, it is reflected to my Cronometer account within seconds. But not today.

    Maybe there is some sort of outage this afternoon causing this issue.

  • I noticed this yesterday as well. As of this morning, I still don't have any daily activity showing up in Cronometer.

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    Started happening here yesterday. Experienced an incomplete sync, which mysteriously then appeared in Cronometer overnight.

    This morning, I had a sleep sync at around 3:40AM when I briefly woke up but absolutely nothing since then.

    I've unlinked and reinstalled Garmin Connect, turned various permissions on and off: no change 😐

  • And just like that, it's back to normal.

  • Same. Back to normal. Seems very unreliable TBH.

  • I never had a problem up until today. It's been a couple hours since I logged a workout and it hasn't shown up in my conometer.

  • I've now seen 2 days without Garmin data showing up. I've disconnected on both the web and app side of things then reconnected without any luck.

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  • No exercises transferring over since 6Nov. Daily activity still transferring over though. Anyone else still having issues?

  • My exercises are included in my daily activity, which is different than how it used to be.

  • As per first pic, I usually get 'verbose', distinct activities listed; yesterday, everything was lumped as one (second pic).

  • Yes, same. Maybe “they” changed how it works?

  • Nothing 'they' can do will make me switch to MyFitnessPal, if that's what's occurring.

  • I don't blame you there. MFP is horrible.

  • The numbers aren't even tracking properly. This was -158kCal; I added ~300kCal of burn; new total deficit is -135kCal, instead of something around -458kCal 🤷🏼‍♂️ How does that work ?

  • It is broken, just open a ticket and send screenshots of Garmin and then the daily activity. I am having to add my activity up and manually add it as the daily activity totals are lower than the accumulated cals for my actual activity. I was off by over 100 cals yesterday.

  • FWIW, I just noticed that I wasn't on the bang-up-to-datest version of Cron. Just updated to 3.24.3 to see if that makes anything different happen.

  • Same issues for me since last weekend. All workouts from Garmin mashed together as Daily Activity (Garmin), but with inaccurate calorie counts and long delays in updating. Also, the Calories Remaining/Budget is not updating accurately either. May or may not be connected, but I have noticed that my sleep data from Garmin doesn't show up accurately on Cronometer either. I have disconnected/reconnected the apps, cleared caches, updated apps, etc. no change. I did send a ticket to support, but have not heard anything back yet. Cronometer is broken and unusable for me atm. I hope they get this fixed soon.

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    Tomorrow is already showing 6.4 hours of sleep 🤷🏼‍♂️

    Give me a chance, I've only just gone to bed 😁

  • It makes you wonder what is real!

  • Today I only get my BMR and run from Garmin sync (which used to come in as "run"). 🤷 I guess I better not move for the rest of the day 🤣

  • Ok, try this. Go into your activities in garmin and edit them by 1 calorie then sync. Go into crono and see if the activites show and remove the totals from the daily activity entry. I did this and it worked. Just 1 calorie edits on all my activities

  • Interesting. That does work. How strange.

  • I suppose you could edit them all +1 and then -1, if you wanted to keep them strictly accurate to what the device originally put out (?)

  • I actually just did okay/save on the original value without changing it. Still works 👍🏻

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