Garmin Sync



  • My Daily Activity has gone down to 0, which is also wrong, but I'll take that for now. At least the calories relating to activities have been excised and are now all present and correct. Hope it stays like that upon next sync.

    Here's my before and after. No activities were added; I just did your trick; the burned total uptop increased by 432, which is more like what it should have been. My 'Over' amount has decreased by 432, so that checks out.

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    brandonium you're a genius! I don't know why that works but it does! (at least for today....)

  • This is an old post, but same thing happened to me. Hooked up Garmin sync in Cronometer (actually did it twice, disconnected and reconnected to try and get it to work) and got nothing. Went and edited my activity for today, changed nothing, hit save. Only then did my activity sync to Cronometer, as well as heartrate and other data. Went and looked at yesterday, still nothing there. I edited yesterday's activity, changed nothing, and saved. Then activity, heartrate, etc showed up for yesterday.

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