Hi guys! For those of you on the Keto llifestyle.. what do you snack on? I’m finding this difficult. Nuts are easy to overeat.


  • What about coconut bacon? I'm not keto myself, but coconut bacon is probably the best thing I've ever eaten.

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  • Looked at a reciepe. What about the liquid smoke? kind of not whole food.

  • I copied this (with permission) from another forum I go to:

    Veggies & dip (low carb salad dressing works)
    Bell pepper strips with blue cheese dressing
    Celery with cream cheese
    Celery with tuna
    Cucumbers with vinegar
    Devilled eggs
    Tuna devilled eggs
    Veggie Devilled eggs
    Hard boiled eggs
    Pickled eggs (make your own or ensure no sugar added)
    Egg salad (add veggies to up your veggie carbs)
    Muffin in a minute (Flaxmeal muffin – aka MIM)
    Sliced mim with melted cheese & chicken
    Flaxmeal pancake (Can also be made into muffins)
    Cheese chips / cheese roll ups (Shredded cheese melted into "chips")
    Cheese chips with salsa
    Pork Rinds
    Pork rinds with salsa
    Baby endive with mayo & feta cheese
    Sliced meat
    Sliced turkey/ham with cream cheese or mayo, rolled with dill pickle, or tomatoes inside.
    Olives and cream cheese
    Chicken & veggie salad
    Frozen sugar snap peas
    Bell pepper stuffed with cheese or tuna
    Tuna salad (add veggies to increase veggie carbs for the day)
    Bacon wrapped stuffed mushrooms (stuff mushroom with cream cheese/onion, wrap in bacon, bake)
    Bacon wrapped stuffed peppers
    Chicken wings (lots of low carb recipes available)
    Bell Pepper "Nachos", with cheese, olives, onions & salsa
    Bacon wrapped shrimp
    Spinach & artichoke dip
    Meatballs (Homemade)
    Cauliflower "popcorn" (
    Cheese filled bacon roll
    Sugar-free Jello, alone or with real whipped cream.
    Pepperoni "chips" (heat pepperoni slices in the microwave, or fry)
    Smoked salmon and cream cheese on cucumber slices
    Lettuce Roll-ups (Roll luncheon meat, egg salad, tuna or other filling and veggies in lettuce leaves)
    Sliced Meat Roll-ups (Roll cheese or veggies in Sliced meat spread bean dip, spinach dip, or other low-carb dip or spread on the lunch meat or lettuce and then roll it up)
    Raw veggies and spinach dip, or other low-carb dip)
    Flax meal – make your own (
    Rosemary Basil Flaxmeal Crackers - you can use these for SO may things!
    Flax meal crackers with tuna, cheese, cream cheese, dip
    Artichoke and Red Pepper dip (made with peppers, artichokes, cheese, leek, mayo)
    Frozen Atkins Shake (Great substitute for ice cream!)
    Pimento cheese stuffed celery (Make your own, shredded chedder cheese,mayo.,drained diced pimentos,salt and pepper)
    Jicama with ranch dressing

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  • Once you are fat adapted you really shouldn't be hungry and need snacks. That said, I enjoy snack sized cheeses, bacon, and the occasional ounce of macadamia nuts

    -- Finn!

  • @Quilter_Jane1

    True, it's not a whole food, but it may not be as bad for us as the name implies:

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    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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  • this is my simple go to treat/snack. chocolate/coffee "mouse". just take some double/heavy cream [i usually wait till my cream is half empty, then use the rest for this], throw in a teaspoon of instant coffee and a heaped teaspoon of your favourite cocoa powder and add some sweetener if you want and then whisk it up either by hand or a stick blender until it gets firm.

    Stick in the fridge and then have a teaspoon of it whenever you want.

  • I like to snack on pork rinds. They have the salty that I love and the crunch. I weigh out my ounce and enjoy each bite !

  • Right now I have a mix of peanut butter, crushed walnuts, and coconut oil that Ive mixed together and kept in the fridge. When I feel the urge to snack, I just cut off about an ounce or so. Almost like a fat bomb. Very filling, I think. Usually curbs the urge to snack for me.


  • coconut bacon??? that's a real thing? where's the recipe, MUST have!!!!

  • This is the one I make... You can just leave out the maple syrup to keep the CHO low (or use maple flavoring/extract):

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

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