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Hey all,

So I am having an issue it would seem with getting activity that is automatically put into Garmin from Zwift to show as a daily activity entry on Cronometer. All other activity is showing as it should but anything that Zwift syncs into Garmin seems to be lost. Does anyone else here use Zwift with a Garmin watch and can chime in with their experience?

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  • I went back to older workouts. As evidence from this previous activity Cronometer used to recognize this.

  • So apparently I am the only one in the Garmin/Cronometer ecosystem that uses Zwift? LOL

  • Perhaps ?? I don't use it but can't see why it would not transfer. Do other cycling activities transfer if they were created on garmin connect ?

  • All other activity syncs, or at least any activity that originates from the Garmin itself. If I utilize the 'Indoor Biking' feature on the Garmin at the same time that particular entry will show in crono but not the activity that is sent to garmin from Zwift. It used to work flawlessly. I prefer not to use my watch to track Zwift sessions as it is not quite 100% in the cycling details as Zwift is.

  • Sorry. I had a similar experience with health sync and strava in the past. If the activity originated in strava it would be dealt with but not if it was passed to strava from some other source. Hopefully somebody here from cronometer will see this and advise

  • Tried this today for the first time in a while. Zwift not syncing with conometer as an activity when it used to, so it's an issue and not just you.

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