Bariatric Surgery

I am having Bariatric Surgery on Monday the 17 of April (2023). I have been on the required liquid diet for a week with another 4 weeks to go. In the last 3 weeks I have lost 11lbs. I am working with the doctors dietician and will be for at least the next year. I know that I will be needing to continue with water and other fluids for a long time and that is a good thing.
I am wanting to know the best way to use Chronometer for the duration of this journey. All help will be greatly appreciated. Bob

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    Hope your surgery went well! Just use cronometer the way you always do. Of course in the beginning you'll far exceed your intake goals but that's ok! I just entered my weight and set my weight loss goal at 2 lbs a week. I exceeded that but logging your food and fluids and monitoring your protein intake is most important. There's also an app that may be more helpful called baritastic.

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    Bob...you are well on your way to recovery. Knowing how fast you want to lose your weight will determine your calorie deficit. My goal is for 2 pounds a week, I'm happy with that but find that I'm actually exceeding my goals. Watch your macros and micros. I eat fresh plant foods which allows me to eat more volume so I don't get hungry. I'm wishing you the best of health!

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