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I was wondering if the ability to change the units displayed in the diary could be added. Specifically I'd like to track the number of fluid ounces or cups of water I've had on a given day rather than the number of grams. Similarly, I'd like to track shots/jiggers rather than grams of alcohol.

I thought this would be possible from the profile page, but it looks like units can't be edited.


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    Hello @NotAnAnarchist

    You can add water and alcohol using cups, oz, shots to your diary, but the nutrients reported are weight-based. I will add the ability to change units in the diary to our list of feature requests.

    For now, 1 cup of water is equal to about 240 grams.
    Alcohol is a bit trickier because the amount of alcohol depends on the type of drink you are consuming. As an example, 1 shot (1.5 fl oz) of a liquor like vodka is about 42 grams of alcohol.


    Karen Stark
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    Hey @Karen_Cronometer ,

    Small correction to what you/I said above. The current diary entry correctly tracks grams of alcohol, I'd just like to express this as "US Drinks" (i.e. 14 grams of Alcohol). I miss-spoke/typed when I write "shots/jiggers" as that would be more complicated as you pointed out.

    A list of grams of alcohol per national standard drink can be found on wiki:

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    I think we should all switch to metrics :) , but meanwhile, you could create a recipe with each of your desired drink in it, and add your custom units.

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    Hi Vickie. I found this thread and am glad I'm not the only one who pours water or other waterlike liquids in fl oz. We here in the USA already are leaning to metric but until we switch entirely (which will not happen soon) I too would like fl oz. A glass of milk is different than a glass of water but the nutrients are still calculated for you in grams and %. Vickie, what you suggest is too cumbersome. By the time I do all the custom recipes, I'm not thirsty anymore.

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    Karen_cronometer, thanks. This would be very helpful if you could do that.

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    @gearup328_2619 My comment wasn't actually for fl oz, but the "standard drink" unit. Also, "meanwhile" only. :)

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