All imported activity disappeared

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I use Google fit to import activities through. Yesterday I noticed that my activities weren't being synced. After a while I looked at previous days and the entries that were there have all disappeared! Now my diary data is incorrect, because I had set activities to determine intake. It looks like there was an update the night before this happened, so I'm assuming there's a bug in that update. Is anyone else having this issue?

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the app as well as disconnected and reconnected Google fit. I've also used the backfill feature for Google Fit. Nothing has worked.


  • Same issue just started occuring for me. Note - Weight metrics are still there but activity entries are gone

  • Yep, known issue that was confirmed by support. Same here, no activity data, but weight and heart rate still transferring over. And yes, if you go back each day, you lose existing activity from Fit. This has happened a few times before, but once they fix, all data should be back. Just not sure why this happens every couple of months.

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    Same issue. We had a pretty good run this time. I think it's been almost a year since this happened. The way I use it, this makes Cronometer pretty useless until fixed. To be fair, it could be a Google Fit change that caused it. Still needs to be fixed though! Please hurry.

  • Same here πŸ˜” I wish they could post some kind of an official notice on here

    Like "we are aware of the bug, estimated time to fix -- x hours/ x days" etc

  • Same has happened to me. Any word on a fix?

  • Still nothing :-(

  • Anyone had any luck after today's new version of Google Fit?

    After the update i tried to remove Cronometer from inside the Fit, now its gone,

    and not reappearing after i tap "connect" from inside the Cronometer, even if it says "connected"

    Th3 backfill button didn't work either ☹️

  • No change here either. I think I'm just giving up on it. Disappointed. I mean we can still manually add activities, but I feel importing was much more accurate for me since I use a heart rate monitor.

  • Same here, not gonna try anymore

    will just wait till they fix it , will check this thread daily meanwhile, apparently if i click the star - every new reply comes to the email

  • Problem is still ongoing.

  • Yep. Pretty ridiculous...nearly 2 weeks w/o a fix. Do I dare consider going to MyFitnessPal?

  • The thread is showing as answered, but that's definitely not true

  • Having same issue. Any updates? I started using this app because it synced so well with Google fit. PLEASE FIX IT.

  • Last time, last year i think,

    we mentioned a representative and got a reply, but i forgot her name, they have a badge when they reply in the forums, anyone remember seeing them?

  • No it was 2019 and her name was @Hilary

    in the "Ask an expert" section lets see if mentioning her works, she might not even work there anymore πŸ˜”

    I also found 2022 discussion, of same issue, and it took like 17 days, beween June 7 bug and June 24th update to resolve it

    Right now it has been 14 days?

    Also my weight and heartrate are syncing fine currently, just the exercise is not, so at least it's not a password issue

  • Also this is kinda sad thread, that people got no reply from support since April, asking if Cronometer is going out of business 😱

    All my data is in there πŸ‘€ i should probably look for where to migrate then??

  • Weird. When I first moved to Cronometer the support was quick and reliable and issues seemed to be fixed quickly as well. This is really disappointing.

  • One more discussion on reddit, where a Cronometer rep replied 13 days ago that

    "Hey there!

    We're aware of the issue and our Quality Assurance team is looking into it!

    Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention, I will report back."


  • yay new update fixed the workout sync! (dated August 1, but only came today Aug 4)

  • I do not see an update on Google play store

  • @Dnewell23 oh, sorry to hear that, seems like it's a common Play store practice - to slowly roll out any new updates, while testing on small batches of users?

    back when I was addicted to mobile games (instead of Cronometer, weights and vegan muscle gain πŸ˜„) it took a couple of days for the whole team to get the same features, I guess some apps take 4 days and more?

    I hope you get your soon πŸ’š

  • I was able to roll back to an older version last night and get it to work. I'll wait for new update to come through.

  • Yeah, no go yet on the update on Google Play but was able to download the newest .apk and install and confirmed as with Myshyk, all workout activity has come through.

    New version is 4.9.0 (b1691-AF) (Android Version)

  • My workout activity still isn't syncing consistently. I only have 6 minutes of walking from yesterday.

  • Got the update.

    The good: Google Fit somewhat syncs. It synced back 2 days.
    The bad : The App crashes when going back to the previous day diary.

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