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I've been here a week. I had a bad blood test indicating type 2 diabetes two weeks ago and was told by the practice nurse to fix myself. Finding Cronometer has made a big difference, it has all the web tools I can imagine for self-control over a diet and it's very easy to keep updated. I thought I'd congratulate you on the achievement. Ticking all the vitamin and mineral boxes with a couple of supplements is the icing on the cake - not that I'm eating icing or cake. And the site layout is clean and precise.

What I couldn't work out before I started here was how on earth to bring carbohydrates under control. Living primarily off sandwiches like I'd been doing wasn't going to help. I'm now running at about 50% protein, 30% fat and 20% carbs and it's being here that enables me to know what I'm doing.

Well done everyone involved.


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    Glad to hear we can play a role in your better health! Thanks for sharing, it really motivates the Cronometer team to hear these stories.

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    You've come to the right place. I am borderline diabetic and probably always will be since it runs in my family but I've been using cronometer for 5 yrs and it sure helps!

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    Hello everyone,
    I am so glad I have found Cronometer! I have tried a few health apps with varying success. Cronometer suits me best of all. I like its clean and precise formatting. I also like that I can list my food without having to break it down into meals. That helps keeping my focus on the total energy for the day.
    I am using Cronometer in conjunction with a 14/10 approach to taking in energy. Early days yet but I am feeling quietly confident. cheers Dragon8 ps I also love how Cronometer looks at the whole weight spectrum not just the focus on losing weight. Well done!

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