New Blood Pressure Values Not Showing on Charts

I have both old and new blood pressure measurements and only the old ones are showing on the chart. Is this a bug or something I need to do to make the new values show on the same charts as the old ones?


  • To clarify - it seems fine on the web but broken on the Android app.

  • And my body fat % isn't showing on the web charts... ???

  • And now blood pressure isn't showing on the web at all. The BP+HR chart is fine but a custom Systolic + Diasystolic doesn't show anything at all for any time.

    And Energy (net) kcal isn't showing anything. Are all of the charts terribly broken???

  • Pictures of website on desktop (Win10, Chrome, current versions)...
    Failure of Energy (Net) chart - no show.
    Failure of Blood Pressure Chart - 1/0 values instead of mmHg
    Failure of Systolic Blood Pressure Chart - no recent values showing.
    Failure of Systolic Blood Pressure Chart - only old values showing when showing all time.

    No help in first 3 days of post - noted.

  • And the blood pressure issues show up similarly in the app. I can sometimes refresh and get the Energy(Net) to show up - but usually not.

  • I tried hiding the trend and target lines on the Energy(Net) chart and it started working. SBP and DBP appears to be working now... Systolic alone still not showing

  • New blood pressure values are still not showing on the SBP+DBP chart though

  • BP + Heart Rate chart seems to be doing fine

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    BF% not showing on Weight + BF% chart. Tried the hide/show trend/zoom tricks as above with no change

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    Nevermind - the SBP+DBP chart still only shows old values and not new values. See attached screenshot and notice that the BP+HR chart showing recent values.

    Seriously. Is every option on these charts a failure point???

  • Lets try something different - does anyone know how many different ways Cronometer collects and stores blood pressure? As in, are these disparate data sets and that's why they don't show together on the charts?

    If no one else comments on these threads, then this forum is just a distraction away from actually asking for help directly from Cronometer support - and how is that done? @SamF @emilwri @SpencerD @Karen_Cronometer @Aaron

  • Hey there JRocker,

    We are sorry for getting back to you late. We have retired systolic and diastolic blood pressure entries, and we've changed them to 'Blood Pressure' to track both systolic and diastolic as a single entry. You will still be able to see your old systolic and diastolic entries on your charts, however any new entries will not be added to these charts at this time.

    To chart your blood pressure going forward, please use the "Blood Pressure + Heart Rate" chart. Or if you are using the mobile app, you also have the option to chart Blood Pressure as a single metric chart. You will need to edit your selected biometric chart to Blood Pressure by tapping on the chart title > Selected Metric > Blood Pressure.

    Alternatively for Gold users, you can create both custom biometrics and custom charts. You would therefore be able to make custom biometrics called Systolic Blood Pressure and Diastolic Blood Pressure and input the appropriate values and units to add to your diary. Once you have done this, these custom biometrics become an option to chart when you create a custom chart.

    Please let me know if you have further questions!


  • @SamF Thanks. What is the recommended way to ask for support outside of the forums?

  • @JRocker The best way outside of the forums to ask for support would be to send an email to [email protected] and our Customer Support team will be able to best assist you.

    Have a great day!

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