The Calorie Breakdown wheel

Shows that my fat is 70% and above most days. I am on moderate Keto plan: 43 Gram Protein , 40 g fiber, 40 g Net Carbs, 124.8 g Fat.
I don't make each of these most days but if the Calorie Breakdown Wheel shows I am 70% and over for the day on Fat, does this mean I am good for Keto weight loss?


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    I am using the breath Ketone analyzer and am in Ketosis according to it.

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    Hi @Fit_or_Fat65

    Thanks for your question! As long as you are taking in fewer calories than you are burning, you will be losing weight. Your target for fibre seems pretty high and may be challenging to meet on a keto diet. However, it's important for you to hit the target for protein since muscle loss can is a common side effect with keto.

    Let us know if you have any other questions!

    Susan Macfarlane, MScA, RD
    Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
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    edited February 2018

    @Fit_or_Fat65 - I'm 4 weeks into a moderate Keto plan too. My nutrition report says my average over the period is 61g Protein , 29g Net Carbs and 44g Fat. My average weight was 86kg, and the target protein I've seen is 0.8g per kg which is 68g so I'm slightly under but not by a significant amount.

    The calorie wheel isn't displaying grams, it's displaying calories. Fat has more calories per gram than protein does. Your 70% only applies to the proportion of calories from fat. I found that confusing for the first couple of weeks when I compared it to the proportion by weight.

    As far as I'm aware, only the net carbohydrate figure affects whether one's going to be in ketosis or not. Your 40g a day has got you there so that's the figure you need to stay at or under. I'm doing it on 30g a day, I don't know whether I could increase that but I'm happy to stay at or under it. I don't think the weight of protein, fibre or fat is going to affect your breath analyzer result but that's an uninformed comment.

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