Was the ability to directly edit recipes removed intentionally??

Please restore this functionality or advise why it was removed without notice in the iOS apps?

Please, it is so annoying in general that I now cannot edit directly from a day entry and even more annoying if an existing recipe uses another recipe as an ingredient I can no longer edit that item…I now need to save, back-out, search for the other recipe….etc

This Is starting to become really time consuming and there was no notice given this feature was removed.

In fact this makes a number of previous recipes I have done basically useless to manage.



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    I think this functionality is still there.

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    No it isn’t, the ability to do it directly has been removed.

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    edited April 4

    It's possible I'm misunderstanding your comment. But, I go to a particular recipe that I added to today's diary. I slide to the right on that recipe (in the diary not the recipe section) and push/select the 3 dots that show up to the left of the recipe. My options are "Repeat, Edit Original Recipe, Edit a Copy of Recipe, Adjust Recipe, Explode Recipe, Copy, Show Nutrition Summary, Delete". Doesn't that cover what you wanted to do? Maybe it doesn't allow you to edit an embedded recipe? Since I currently don't do that, I'm not sure how that works. Also, note that if you have already "Adjusted" that recipe then you will not have the option to edit it, which makes sense b/c you essentially created a separate instance of the recipe that is no longer linked to the original recipe (I think).

    Personally, I never edit the recipe from here, but I do find Adjust Recipe and Explode Recipe very useful. So useful that I'm thinking about changing the way I create recipes because of that functionality.

    I actually just discovered this functionality a couple of days ago and thought this functionality alone is so useful that it alone justifies a subscription (for me).

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    Although the following discussion deals more with the Adjust Recipe option (as opposed to the Edit option), it looks like there were some issues with the recent Cronometer update (Early/Mid-March 2024) that have since been resolved. Might be useful for someone reading this discussion.


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    Hi, it has been removed/shifted from the ellipses. You can no longer for instance edit directly. You need to back out and adjust or copy.

    This is especially annoying when in a recipe containing a recipe as you need to back out of both find the original recipe in the recipe. Make a copy, go back and then add the new one etc. you used to be able to just hit the ellipses and chose “edit a copy. Also trying other functions now requires an extra layer of action or menu backing out of and then back in because of these changes. So far the recipe in a recipe extra step is the worst.

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    I think I see what you're saying. Since I only discovered/explored this type of functionality recently, I do not have a reference point for how it used to be.

    If you're in a recipe, the only thing you can do is add and remove items from it; the ellipses only allow you to delete it entirely. If you want to create a branch/copy, you need to back out, make the copy, and go back into the copy.

    And if you have an embedded recipe in the recipe, you have to do that same procedure with the embedded recipe and then again with the top-level recipe.

    But, that's from the Foods -> Custom Recipes section. If you're in the Diary section and have added a recipe to that day's diary, you can swipe to the right on the recipe and either directly edit that recipe or directly create a copy of the recipe and begin editing it (this is what I thought you meant in your original post b/c you mentioned a day entry). Regardless, it's still the same problem with embedded recipes; just like in the recipe section, once you're in the top-level recipe there's no way to then edit an embedded recipe in it. And if you're trying to edit an embedded recipe from the Diary it's even worse b/c you have to move completely out of the Diary section and into the Custom Recipes section to make that edit.

    I know this doesn't help you, but as it stands right now, I will be avoiding embedded recipes as it does seem to be a hassle if you need to make a change.

    There is also the option of creating custom meals. I haven't explored that yet, but maybe that would be a way of accomplishing some of this organization?

    Anyway, thank you for posting. It helps me (and hopefully others) when we're determining how/what could be done (and whether or not we should do it a particular way).

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    No worries.

    I understand there are “work arounds” however the base functionality is now gone even with these for no discernible benefit or reasons and the app for me and others I assume is now being much more cumbersome.

    More disappointing is that this was not announced, explained and there has been no feedback about my post from the developers.

    Sadly this has happened before with Cronometer. Changes made with no warning or follow up that seem to remove functions with no explanation.

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