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The calories burned always confuses me. Not because I don’t know what it means but because I don’t know how it could indicate that I burned over 3000 calories in one day just by doing HIIT workout. Can anyone explain that?


  • Hello @Mimiburdier,

    If you are measuring your exercise with an activity tracker, we recommend setting your activity level to none in your profile. Otherwise, you may be double counting the calories you have burned.

    I hope that helps!

    Karen Stark
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  • I went into my Cronometer profile and didn’t see where to change the activity level. Am I doing something wrong?

  • Hi Karen,
    I found the activity level setting in my diary as set it to none, but it’s still starting off at 1225 calories burned. I don’t understand that. How could I have burned those calories since I just got up?

  • It’s still saying I burned over 3300 calories

  • @Mimiburdier if you have synced Cronometer to an activity tracker or Apple Health/Google Fit, check that the activity is importing correctly. Compare the Calories burned in you Apple Health/Google Play/Activity Tracker app to the Calories burned in your Cronometer diary to see if you can find any differences. If not, the error may be in your activity tracker software!
    The 1225 Calories listed before logging any activity will be your Basal Metabolic rate. This is the standard Calories you burn just by being alive! Many other trackers like Fitbit will add in this amount gradually throughout the day, but we set it up for you first thing in the morning, so you know exactly how much you will burn throughout the day so you can plan your diet/activity accordingly.

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  • How can I have a -331 calorie deficit and need to burn 417 at same time (it says the latter below the burn bar). It seems like it should only be one or the other. Like why doesn't it just not allow me the 331 cal of food, then there would only be 87 cal left to burn. It's looks like overeating then having to work it off. I indicated I was sedentary in profile settings.

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    Hi LinDee,

    Here at Cronometer we love our data!. We try to give you as much information as possible about your nutrition so you can make the best choices for your health.

    The energy bar at the top shows how much energy you have consumed (and where those calories are coming from). If you have burned more calories than you ate for the day, you will see your energy deficit in this bar as well. i.e. you should consume more calories to equal the amount you ate.

    The next bar shows how much energy you have burned (and where you burned them). If you ate more calories than you burned for the day, you will see the energy surplus in this bar. i.e. you should burn more calories to equal the amount you ate.

    If you have a weight loss goal, you have the option to show that in your diary as well. It will appear below in grey text below these bars.

    Here is an example of showing a weight goal in your diary:

    The calories summary shows that I would need 615 more calories today to balance my energy in with my energy out. While the weight loss goal shows that if I would like to lose ~1.5 pounds per day I still need to burn 133 more calories. I'm not on track to lose quite that much today, but at least I know that I am still running a deficit - thanks to the information in the calories summary.


    Karen Stark
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