Why is my calorie target lower than my BMR?

I just signed up and entered my info. It is telling me that my BMR is 1448 calories, yet my target for each day is 1237 calories.

This is my first time using this app, but definitely not my first rodeo in terms of calorie tracking. I have never heard of eating fewer calories than your BMR before. To go under my BMR by 200+ calories a day seems very low and unhealthy. I know a deficit is needed for weight loss, but is it really supposed to be that extreme?

Can I please have some clarification on why it calculates that way? And if it isn’t correct, how can it be adjusted so I can track properly?

Thank you!

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    Hi MelissaSD,

    Follow these steps to change your weight loss goal:

    Web: select the Profile tab. In the Weight Goal section, you can find the options from the drop-down list just under the graph.

    Mobile: from the diary page, tap on the Targets icon at the top of the screen. Tap Settings in the top right corner. Under the Weight Goal heading, tap beside weight goal to bring up the list of options to choose from.

    I hope that helps!

    Karen Stark
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