Bulk Ingredient Import for Recipes

Hi There!

I find it would save me a lot of time if there were a bulk import of ingredients (ie. if I could copy and paste) for the recipe builder to 'read' and then give me a 'best match' idea. This feature is used in myfitnesspal and other online recipe calculators.


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    Hi ap2013,

    That sounds like a great feature idea to save time when creating new recipes. We will put this on our list!


    Karen Stark
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    @Karen_Cronometer -- new to the app, and i love the url import, but it would be even better for my offline recipes to be able to bulk add ingredients. is this feature still in the works?

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    Another vote for this feature!!

    I use this all the time in MFP as not all my recipes are on the web, but entered manually in an app like Paprika, so copy paste like MFP has would be super useful for those ones (of which I have many).

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    Adding another ME TOO for this feature!!

    As another Paprika user, as well as a current MFP Premium member hoping to transition over, bulk import is how I enter a LOT of my recipes. I'd love it if Cronometer could incorporate this! 💜

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    HEY COOL!! I just found this feature under the Import Recipe. It says that if your website isn't readable, you can copy and paste the ingredients below. This is exactly what I was looking for!! Just didn't know it was located there.:)
    Thanks Cronometer!

    PS - sorry I double posted before. I don't seem to be able to delete the extra post above.

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    YES to bulk import! I have a Word document that contains about 400 of my personal or tweaked recipes over 20 years or so. It would be great to be able to select the ingredients' text and paste it into Cronometer. It's the one reason I'm still sticking with MFP--the free version of MFP allows you do so this. Having to add each ingredient one at a time is laborious and a deal-breaker.

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    @CreoleRose this feature is available with a Gold subscription. It's under the import recipe URL feature (which allows for simple copy/paste as well). Unfortunately for you, it's not available in the free version however, so you won't be able to check it out without going Gold.

    PS - I was able to request a one month free trial of Gold from Eliisa over on the subreddit. After trying out Gold for a month, I immediately subscribed when my trial was over. It's light years ahead of MFP!

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