Calories Consumed off by 100 Calories

When I calculate the calories consumed by my Macro's of 139.3g of Protein, 159.3g of Carbs and 62.1g of Fat tally 1194.4 (Calories from carbs and protein) and 558.9 calories from Fat for a grand total of 1753.3. However, Chronometer says my calories consumed are 1652. I do not track "net carbs" so these are true carb counts. Why is it off by 100 calories? Practically every day.


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    Hi Jencben,

    We get asked this question a lot!

    The answer is due to several reasons:
    The 4/4/9 multiplier scheme is just a very rough way to approximate the Calories in food. In reality, it is not that simple. Our database provides more accurate values, whenever possible

    In particular, fiber converts to a small amount of calories, but not nearly at the same rate as non-fiber carbohydrates. Our total carbohydrate value includes fiber, so multiplying a high fiber food's by 4 will overestimate the calories.

    Food Product labeling is often rounded down to the nearest whole number. This can significantly throw off the calculated values.


    Karen Stark
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