how can I set a "maximum" goal

when I set a maximum fat goal with custom settings, it tells me N/A for the FAT in my diary. But if I set a Minimum Fat, it will tell me what percent of my goal I have for the day. I don't want that . I want to know if I go OVER some goals. Not if i've gotten enough of something for the day.


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    To do this using a computer, click on "Fat" in your diary, tick the box that says "use custom values.." and enter the maximum intake of fat you would like to consume in a day.

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  • same problem. If I set the maximum, I keep getting N/A on my fat display. it doesn't tell me if I'm over, or what percent.

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    Hi Lynn,
    If you set a maximum it will show N/A because you have set an upper limit, instead of a goal. Set your Minimum value instead in order to have a percent value show. Look at it as setting a maximum as a limit and a minimum as a goal. The percent set is is the percent of your goal (Minimum) and then you will see the bar turn red once you hit the maximum.
    You will see your target bar with a percent value and coloured yellow before you hit your target; then it will be green once you hit your target. Once you have exceeded the maximum the bar will be coloured red.

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  • Hi lynne007,

    We use the colours of the bars to show you if you are over your maximum target.

    Yellow = have not reached your minimum target
    Green = you have reached your minimum target
    Red = you have exceed your maximum target

    Double-click on the target to check what the maximum is set to and compare to your values for the day to keep an eye on those nutrients you would like to limit.


    Karen Stark
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