Hello. I don´t undestand why protein target in cronmeter is set so high for me (111-122g, my weight is 57kg, my BMI is 20). It should be about 1g per kg. I didn´t discover the difference first and was worried about my protein intake but seems like the setting is wrong. Is it possible? Ho can I change it?


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    The macros like carbs and protein have a few predefined options under profile in the Macronutrient targets area. The fixed target choice there allows additional detailed selections in the nutrient target area, also under profile. If you want more info, it would be helpful to know what diet type you selected in the Macronutrient area.

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    Hi Kristie,

    As chunky mentioned above, you can edit your protein target in the Profile tab -> Nutritional Targets -> Protein. Check the box for custom then click on the min/max values to edit them.

    Also check the weight the units for your weight on your profile. 57 kg = about 125 lbs.
    If your weight was accidentally entered are 125 kg then we might expect a protein goal between 111-122.


    Karen Stark
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    Thank you. I changed the target and the limits manually. I hope it works now :)

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