Intermittent Fasting with "Zero" App

I track my IF time with an App called "Zero". It works great.
My question to you is would it be possible to link this with Cron-O-meter as we can to Fitbit in Devices.


  • Hi PJB,

    Thanks for the suggestion for the app integration!
    We are working on a feature to include the ability to track different macro targets on different days of the week as well as keeping track of your intermittent fasting schedule. This may replace the need for an additional app to track your IF in the future :)


    Karen Stark
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  • Any chance you can share a timeline on the feature to track different macros on different days? I'm contemplating if I should use your app or another one (that already has this feature). I'd rather use yours for the additional features, but this one is a biggie!

  • Hi @umich10 , this is a HUGE feature that we are busy working on! As such it will need a lot of testing and work to make sure that on release it is as complete and user friendly as possible. We have a pretty small staff here and a lot of big projects on the go (including time stamps and device integrations)! Hopefully we will see it soon but I don't want to raise any false hopes!

    As always, any and all postings here are covered by our T&Cs:

  • Thanks for your response! I'll keep looking out for it!

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