Does anyone here follow Gundry or Bredesen

Just wondering what ratios you use for Protein, Carbs and Fats.


  • I didn't know that either of them provided a published recommendation on this. If you have found it please let me know. I have an appointment with Doctor Gundry in September and am planning to ask hi to help me fill out my custom goals for all macro and micro nutrients. Will see how far he is able and willing to go with this project. I will be glad to share or publish, with his permission of course.

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    Can you tell us a little more about these professionals diet philosophy? I'm curious to learn about what other practitioners are promoting. :)

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  • I believe that they both have specific diets that they think can help stave off dementia but I couldn't tell you the specifics of their programs without googling them.

  • I only know about Gundry. He authored Diet Evolution and Plant Paradox. Over the last 15 years He has been emphatic about a low carb diet and healthy ones only. He has evolved to also professing the need to lower lectins as well. He teaching is that the belly is a key player in almost all health matters and the lectins are proven to disrupt the stomach and also cause inflammation. His primary focus has been cardio specific but he also says that there are many ailments caused by carbs and lectins beyond just cardio. He has his own line of supplements and some of them seem to be many of the same inugredients under different labels. So, it is important to know he is selling books and powders, but I believe that he is honest and sincere in his practices. As far as being 100% correct on these topics is obviously debatable depending on the folks who are preaching. Gundry has plenty of you tubes out there explains his beliefs and practices on diets. Hope Cronometer will partner with him one day. I believe he has a lab of his own, but not sure. Hope this helps, 👍👍👍🤠🌅

  • Thanks. My mom had dementia and I get a lot of days that I say I have brain fog. Like today. So I am interested in the doctors who try to relate some of those problems to diet. I've been eating a lot of nuts lately (lectins) so I should probably cut back on those again.

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    I use: 50% Carbs, 32% Fat, 18% Protein ... based on recommendations from the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies (United States).

    I apologise for my misspellings, as English is not my native language.

  • Not all nuts are high in Lectins and even the ones that have them are good, so best to limit amount to what you determine safe. There are ways to remove lectins by soaking and pressure cooking too. Beans are one food that is very high but not so bad if soaked and pressure cooked. Highly recommend watching his YouTube’s. Obviously trying to sell stuff, but also a lot of great information for free. Very confusing world these days. 🥓🍔😜😜👍

  • I just wish I could figure out what foods are contributing to my "brain fog" days. Cronometer definitely helps with that.

  • Just as general info, lectins, phytic acid and phythocemichals are not bad for everyone, rather may be detrimental to those who are prone to autoimmune disorders by genetic polymorphisms or other issues.
    I didn't read Gundry's book but the premise is the above, you cannot generalize, I hope those who are susceptible are the minority. It would be the same as saying that all people are ill and sick or suffer intolerance to gluten, lactose, casein. Fortunately, reality appears not to confirm that.
    FYI, my regimen is based on maximizing the above phytochemicals (the opposite of waht Dr Gundry teaches), which have an overall beneficial hormetic or xenohormetic effect as documented by literature.

  • From my genes and family history, I have a higher risk for dementia so I am prone to listen to any doctors who have suggestions of ways to prevent that. I believe that Gundry and Bredesen both focus on that.

  • Higher risk from dementia due to what? Causes may be multifarious, Dr. Grundy's regimen is sure not the panacea to all problems, so many regimens have been proposed against alzheimer, some almost the opposite of Dr. Grundy's.
    It appears to be more an issue of religion than of science.

  • My genetics. Runs in family plus genetic markers from DNA samples.

  • backyarder, I do not doubt what you write, but pls note that Dr. Gundry's diet appears to be suitable IF the source of the alzheimer hazard are some specific molecules present in vegetable foods (such as lectins, phytic acid, gluten and so on). In other words, you should have autoimmunitary issues. Plant toxins which have a beneficial hormetic effect in most people may turn out to be toxic to other sensitive people.
    However, some scientific literature points out that the mediterranean diet and the MIND diet (both rich in potentially phytochemicals) appear to protect from Alzheimer.
    Dr. Gundry's diet is a specific diet for a minority of the population, those very sensitive to specific molecules present in the vegetable kingdom.

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