Show Goal Weight in trend chart available on Web App but not IOS

I noticed on the web app it has the weight trend on the left side bar, you have an option to show goal weight on the scale, but I can’t see a way to show this on the weight trend panel in iOS app.

I think it gives a clearer view of how your doing as far as weight loss scaled to your goal, rather than the thin range between weight at the start of the period and weight at the end.


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    Hi cpjfox,

    We have the ability to add in a few more visuals on the web version when you are viewing Cronometer on a bigger screen. We don't have the same weight graph on the diary page in the Cronometer app.
    We show the same weight graph in the trends tab between web and mobile - it is a great idea to show the weight goal on this graph as well. Thanks!


    Karen Stark
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    Thanks for your quick response Karen, I'm enjoying this app way more than MFP, I have better visibility of Macros and Micros, and the home page on the web app show's me absolutely everything I want to know, i.e. Absolutely everything.

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    I very much agree. I would love to see my goal weight on the app!

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