I can't find a setting in my profile to change energy measurements from kilocalories to kilojoules. Is this a feature?


  • Hello @oadams ,
    Unfortunately this is not a feature at this time although others have asked for this as well, so maybe we will see this functionality in the future; thanks for suggesting this! In the meantime, you can see the kilojoule amount of a specific food by selecting "View/edit food" from the drop down menu when you right click on a diary entry, or by selecting show more details when you are adding it to your diary.

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  • This probably should be added as a feature. Kilojoules are the international and SI unit and many countries use kJ and not kcal. In Australia everything is in kJ; food nutrition labels are only required to state energy in kJ and it's very rare to see only calories on the label (kJ must always be present on the label, kcal is optional but probably less than 1% of labels show kcal in addition to kJ and it's usually on imported products).

    Unfortunately I will not be using Cronometer due to the omission of kJ, which is a pity because it otherwise looks like a good system

  • Hi @TheRegents , Sorry to see you go! We will definitely take your thoughtful feedback into consideration!

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  • @Hilary Well, I'm not got yet. The day kJ are added, though, is the day I upgrade to premium :) ... I rely on kJ that much :(

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