Foods listed in data base

If not specified, are the data for a given food raw, or cooked? For example, Lamb Chop, or Green cabbage, etc.. Food tab, .”search” results.


  • Hi Momoguy55,

    It depends which food you looking at.

    The foods in the USDA database usually specify whether the meat is raw or cooked/roasted/pan fried/etc right in the name of the food.

    The generic foods from the NCCDB usually do not specify in the name of the food, but they are meant to represent the most common method of preparation or the way that most people would consume the food. For things like ground meat, roasts, chicken breast, etc. you can reasonably assume that the nutrition values are for the cooked meat.

    For brand name products, this is up to the manufacturer whether they would like to report the nutrition values for the raw or cooked meat and so it varies.


    Karen Stark
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  • Thank you Karen. Kind’a what I was thinking.

  • I was wondering as well.. If I wanted to track my protein - and I have some cooked , braised, stew meat ( meat only) .. are the values listed in Cronometer for raw or cooked meat ? It doesn't specificy in the listings for beef stew meat .. thank you !

  • @Mich65, USDA usually has one entry for raw weight and one for cooked, but NCCDB usually only has one. Matching NCCDB's entry stats to USDA, you can tell it's usually for the cooked version. Yep. Usually.

  • Thank you Vickie for helping me understand the listings better! For certain meats I could only find one type of entry so really wasn't sure.. I will be looking for USDA or NCCDB on the listing to help me understand if it's raw or cooked so that I'm not miscalculating my macros !

  • CHeck out this great blog post to learn more about choosing the right food data for your needs!

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