how do you change the ingredient amount in the new receipe section

I entered the ingredient from search pull down but it won't let me change the amount used in the recipe. Am I trying to change the amount used in my recipe in the wrong screen ( add new recipe?


  • Maybe, could you provide a bit more info?
    Are you using the web version, or an android or iOS app?
    Are you creating a new recipe, or modifying an existing one?
    On the web version, under foods tab, when I choose an existing recipe the ingredient amount is editable just by clicking on it. To add a new ingredient hit the plus, and to delete an existing ingredient select it and hit minus or press delete on the keyboard.

  • Thanks for your reply.
    I'm using the web version.
    New recipe.
    It wouldn't let me edit while after the ingredient was established.

  • Hmm, for me if I click on either the amount or the unit they are editable.

  • Hi @mac48dryden

    Here is a picture to show you were you can click to edit the amount of an ingredient in a recipe, just as Chunky described:


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